Vapor Soothe - 4 fl oz
  • Vapor Soothe - 4 fl oz

    Great for soothing chest congestion. Rub onto the chest, back. Also try rubbing onto the soles of your feet then slipping them into a pair of warm socks.

    Also works wonders for tired, achy muscles.  Smoothe onto tired muscles to relieve tension.



      Do NOT use if pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

      Do NOT use if you have liver damage.

      No claims are made about medical properties of this or any product.  Do your own research about ingredients and make decisions about what you use based upon your own individual needs, personal and the input of your healthcare provider.

    • Ingredients

      Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Vegetable wax, Coconut Oil, Organic Turpentine Spirits, *Proprietary Blend of over 15 Essential Oils (Organic when available)